Adventures in Art Torrance is a volunteer-implemented fine arts program annually providing art projects to participating schools. Adventures in Art projects are specially selected to give students the opportunity and methodology to create their own unique art solutions while using fine art materials. Adventures in Art philosophy is grounded in the belief that a child's art experience should focus on the process rather than the finished product. Adventures in Art is dedicated to expanding the creative spirit in children in a nonjudgmental environment. The goal of the Adventures in Art program is to build a solid foundation of artistic exploration and fun that will interest, inspire and motivate children to confidently and skillfully create works of art beyond our program's annual projects. 


Art experience is not required, just a love of art and the willingness to share it with students.

As a volunteer docent, you will attend your school's Adventures In Art (AIA) Workshops to learn fun art projects to present to students. You will teach a total of five projects to your class over the course of the year, and you will assist with the production of the school-wide art show at the end of the year. All supplies are provided by the PTA, and you will be responsible for distributing, collecting, and cleaning them for each session that you teach.

If you would like to be an AIA volunteer docent please fill out this Google Form and the Adventures in Art chair will contact you.




Please visit the Adventures in Art website to learn more about the program. You can also contact Ray Wong, our AIA Chairperson, at or our VP of Programs, Sara Means, at