Welcome to the Walteria PTA's Direct Donation

campaign landing page! 

Thank you for supporting our Wildcats!

The Direct Donation fundraiser is the biggest and hopefully the most successful fundraiser that the PTA hosts each year. The amount raised during this campaign will determine how many programs, supplies, and activities the PTA will be able to support for the 2022-23 school year and whether or not additional fundraising will be needed in the winter and spring.

The fundraising goal for Direct Donation in 2022-23 is $50,000, which will cover about half of our PTA expenses for the year.

That sounds like a huge number (because it is!), so let's take a moment to break down where the money goes!

Grade-level field trips (including buses!) and assemblies alone will cost $25,700! Add in the $1,200 budget for all-school assemblies and it becomes $26,900.

The supplies for the Adventures in Art program cost around $5,000 yearly.

We budget $11,000 for classroom supplies - that's around $450 per classroom per year.

The Theater Arts program we're planning to bring back this year will be $7,500.

$1,000 worth of science lab supplies per grade level is $6,000.

The 5th grade Promotion budget is $5,500 - this includes t-shirts, memory books, the tile wall, and the ceremony/field day.

Three teacher/staff appreciation events throughout the year cost a total of $2,400.

 STEAM Night supplies are around $2,000. The scholarships we offer to Walteria students graduating from South High total $1,500. We budget about $1,000 total for any school clubs, a total of about another $1,000 for various events like Read Across America or the Bike Rodeo, $500 for playground equipment like balls, jump ropes, and cones, $500 for the library, and $400 for the Magic of Music program.

We also are proud to be able to provide school improvements like trees, benches, new folding chairs, and curtains for the cafeteria stage whenever we can.

This is totally achievable if we all work together!

Every dollar we raise helps us give our kids the best elementary school experience possible. 


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Please watch this short video we made last year explaining what the PTA provides for the school community, and contact donations@walteriaelementary.org if you have any additional questions or need assistance: